Uncovering Knowledge Attitude & Practices (KAP) for Personal Protective Equipment among the Workers of the Automotive Industry

  • Nishant Bandejiya Consultant - Medical MD Physician, MPH, AFIH Sheela Foam Limited.
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Introduction: Workers across automobile industries are exposed to a variety of hazards at their workplace. The use of Personal Protective Equipment‘s (PPE) is an important strategy for preventing exposure to hazards that could result in injuries and illnesses among workers in automobile sector. Despite the widely acknowledged benefits of PPE use, studies have shown that PPE use remains low, inconsistent and inappropriate.

Material and Methods: Survey was done primarily through well structured questionnaire. Random Sampling method used and Worker asked to fill the same questionnaire through google form. Results: 94% of participants attended training related to Use of PPE’s, 100% of participants using PPE’s regularly during work, 72% of participants agree to feel protected from any accident when wearing PPE, 81% of participants agree to PPE must be used in combination with other precautionary measures such as hand hygiene, 83% of participants agreed to feel satisfied with your current PPE.

Conclusion: This study provides the ground picture of awareness level and use of safety measures (PPE) among the automobile workers. The level of awareness and PPE use is excellent, and very well highlights safe workplace environment for the workers. Personal protective equipment‘s (PPE),such as helmets, goggles, gloves, face shields, dust masks, safety shoes and safety glasses, are often very effective when donned and well fitted in preventing the exposure or impact to the various body parts of foreign bodies, chemicals, hot particles, biological agents, and radiation.