Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Pregnant Women Confirmed with SARS-COV-2 Admitted in the Hospitals in Baghdad

  • Noor Ali Hussain Family Physician, Al-Rusafa Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Iraq.
  • Lujain Anwar Al-Khazrajy Associate Professor, Consultant Family Physician, Family and Community Medicine Department, Alkindy College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.
Keywords: Clinical Outcomes, Pregnant Women, Caesarean Section, SARS-COV-2, Baghdad


Background: Pregnant women are considered one of the most vulnerable groups for COVID-19. Routine but essential services are the most affected during emergencies, therefore practitioners must pay closer attention to women and newborns to minimise the impact of the pandemic on these vulnerable populations.
Objectives: To describe clinical characteristics and outcomes of pregnant women admitted to hospitals with SARS-CoV-2 in Baghdad during 2020.
Methods: Across-sectional retrospective study was conducted in six maternity hospitals in Baghdad during a period of ten months, including 170 pregnant ladies who came to the hospital for labour or management of health problems related to pregnancy and testedpositive for COVID-19. The data were collected from medical records and patient medical sheets of admitted ladies, phone calls, and questionnaires.
Results: The mean age of the included women was 29.59±6.78 years, and 50.6% of patients were aged less than 30 years with 41.2% having primary education level. 78.2% of patients were housewives, 94.7% of pregnant women had a single foetus, 84.7% delivered by caesarean section, 58.2% reported fever as the most common symptom, and 43.5% of neonates of mothers with COVID-19 had a negative test result of COVID-19.
Conclusion: The majority of pregnant ladies were symptomatic and hypertension was the most common co-morbidity in the included pregnant ladies. There was a significant association between age and the presence of symptoms of COVID-19 infection in which patients aged less than thirty years who presented with symptoms, especially fever and dyspnoea were more than patients aged thirty years old or more.

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Hussain NA, Al-Khazrajy LA. Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Pregnant Women Confirmed with SARS-COV-2 Admitted in the Hospitals in Baghdad. J Commun Dis. 2022;54(1):15-21.



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