Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Spread, Awareness and Strategic Containment

  • Anil Sarin PhD, Post Doctorate DLitt, Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, MR International Institute of Research and Studies (Deemed University), Delhi-NCR, India.
  • Akhil Sarin PhD, Business Consultant, Infosys, Bangalore, India.
Keywords: Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19, Macro Uncontrollable Factors, Strategic Control, Containment, Management, Communicable Disease, Pandemic, Treatment


Whenever, there is introduction of new medicine, medical intervention, new technology, studies, research, etc., world feels excited. The reason for this excitement is that everyone feels that lives will become better on this earth. On the contrary, the world of 21st century has been caught unaware from the dreadful Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), that is killing thousands of people every day irrespective of their economic or social status, and affiliation to developed, developing and under-developed countries. While writing this paper, the unfortunate death toll due to COVID-19 is highest in USA, known as strongest nation of the world due to its economic, military and technological development. This paper is an attempt of understanding the awareness level of people towards the precautions for containing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in India through the engagement and integrated approach of Indian Government; based on the factors - social distancing, washing hands effectively and frequently, staying at home. On the basis of conducting survey and analyzing the data related to awareness (towards the precautions to combat this dreadful virus) of people in India, the results show that the government was able to make people aware in the shortest time. The awareness of public about the precautions and utility of lockdown proved useful resulting in much lessor causalities in India in comparison to the countries which delayed in taking these initiatives. Indian model of confining the virus seems to be valid till the appearance of COVID-19 treatment.

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Sarin A, Sarin A. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Spread, Awareness and Strategic Containment. J Commun Dis 2020; 52(1): 22-31.



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