The Deadly Corona Virus (Covid-19)

  • PK Rajagopalan Former Director, Vector Control Research Center, Indian Council of Medical Research and formerly: WHO STAC Member, WHO Consultant and WHO Expert Committee Member on Malaria, Filariasis and Vector Control.


[On 7th March 2020, the ministry of health, Govt. of India, said that the number of highly contagious Coronavirus disease cases in India had risen to 34. In December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) had described the outbreak of febrile respiratory illness of unknown etiology from Wuhan in China. Now named Covid-19, it has now spread to more than 90 countries. As on 7th March 2020, there were 101,923 confirmed cases and 3486 deaths from 94 countries, areas and territories. WHO has declared the outbreak as Public Health Emergency of International Concern? Italy has reported over 9000 infected cases, with 463 deaths as on 10th March 2019, next in enormity only to that of China] From:

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