Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Zika Virus Infection in a Rural Indian Community: A Cross-sectional Survey

  • Sreelakshmi PR Scientist-D, Medical Entomology and Zoology group, ICMR- National Institute of Virology, Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Gurav YK Scientist-F and Group Leader, Health Technology Assessment Group, ICMR- National Institute of Virology, Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Jadhav U MBBS, DPH, Taluka Health Officer, Purander, Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Abraham P Ex-Director, ICMR-National Institute of Virology, Pune, Maharashtra and Professor, Department of Clinical Virology, Christian Medical College, Vellore.
Keywords: Zika Infection, Zika Virus, Knowledge-Attitude-Practice, Outbreak, Rural Community, India


Background: In recent years Zika virus outbreaks have been reported from different parts of India. It is essential to understand the community’s level of awareness and behaviour with regard to Zika infection to devise effective preventive and control measures.
Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among the adult residents of Belsar village, a rural community in Maharashtra state where a Zika case was confirmed. The Knowledge Attitude and Practices of the residents in relation to Zika virus infection were assessed using a questionnaire adapted from the WHO’s resource pack on KAP studies for Zika viral disease. Composite scores were calculated for each domain. The mean score was considered the cut-off for determining good knowledge, attitude and practice. Factors associated with good scores of KAP were assessed using chi-square and binary logistic regression analysis.
Results: Two hundred and eighty-five adult individuals were surveyed with a mean (SD) age of forty-two years. Less than half of the population had good knowledge and practice levels. Only one-third of the population had the right attitude towards the prevention of Zika infection. Most of the participants received information through campaigns conducted by the local government. Knowledge scores were significantly correlated with attitude and practice scores. Younger age and higher education emerged as significant factors for good knowledge.
Conclusion: This community’s knowledge attitude and practice regarding Zika virus infection call for improvement. Community-based health education activities regarding such viral infections must be undertaken under the leadership of local governments.
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Sreelakshmi PR, Gurav YK, Jadhav U, Abraham P. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Zika Virus Infection in a Rural Indian Community: A Cross-sectional Survey. XIV Annual Conference of Indian Society for Malaria & Other Communicable Diseases (ISMOCD). 2023;49-55.



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