Do we need Zoonoses Research in India?

  • PK Rajagopalan Former Director, Vector Control Research Center, Indian Council of Medical Research and formerly: WHO STAC Member, WHO Consultant and WHO Expert Committee Member on Malaria, Filariasis and Vector Control.


It is not only useful, but necessary, to understand the importance of zoonoses research in India. I do not know how many of the “scientists/biologists/ administrators” think about zoonoses while planning investigations into diseases of unknown etiology. And, we also need to understand the total epidemiological chain and the natural cycle of the disease agent. Studies on many diseases have been left incomplete, as soon as the disease in humans subsides. There is no more emergency. We have to think of 20-50 years from now and imagine its utility. As long as there is animal-human interface in disease spread, especially when the animals are mammals, the tools of Zoonoses/ field biology will have little or no alternatives.

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