Science Today - Lessons Learnt and Suggestions for the Youngsters

  • PK Rajagopalan Former Director, Vector Control Research Center, Indian Council of Medical Research and formerly: WHO STAC Member, WHO Consultant and WHO Expert Committee Member on Malaria, Filariasis and Vector Control.


As a 90-year-old vintage scientist, who started his career in 1952, I felt extremely honoured to attend the annual meeting of Indian Society of Malaria and Other Mosquito borne diseases (ISMOCD) at Kochi, Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2019. It was one of the best organized meetings, inaugurated by India’s Health Minister, and well attended by both young and old. The scientific deliberations were excellent. But what will an old man like me speak at the meeting. But when I saw hundreds of young and aspiring scientists at the meeting (some of them told me that they are attending to meet other scientists of repute and get inspired), I felt extremely happy and proud. I thought this will be the ideal forum, to present my views about the deficiencies in our approach to research on solving health problems at present. Our future hope lies in these youngsters. I am grateful to the dynamic organizer of the meeting, for providing this opportunity.

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