Case Study on Somatic Symptoms in AdolescentsThe Pain Puzzle

  • Anuradha Mahadevan M.Sc, M.Phil (Clinical Psychology), Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Dr. T. Veeramani Associate Professor & Controller of Examination, Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Anxiety, Somatic Symptoms, Pain, Stress, Adolescents, CBT


Somatic symptoms in adolescents can lead to debilitating impact on
their academic and social functioning. It could be a manifestation of
anxiety and way of responding to a situation which is perceived as a
threat. Unnecessary invasive medical interventions cause more agony
to the adolescent. Somatic symptoms in adolescents are one area of
research and most misdiagnosed with more common mental disorders
with similar symptoms. Early recognition of such disorders can save years
of pain, suffering, and cost. Clinical evaluation revealed that the majority
of adolescents manifested extremely variable school performance,
disruptive behavior, trance, mood swings, and depression. Recent
research is identifying a number of factors linking to this and its hidden
behind. This paper aims to have a better understanding of somatic
symptoms in adolescents and its impact on their academic, personal,
social functioning. Discussions are made regarding management plans,
and therapeutic techniques that have helped these adolescents to attain
their functionality and helping them cope with the same.


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