Paediatric Tetanus: Are We Letting Our Guard Down?

  • Gordon P Martins Junior Resident, Department of Paediatrics, Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Goa, India.
  • Rishva Keny Senior Resident, Department of Paediatrics, Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Goa, India.
  • Shilpa Joglekar Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Goa, India.
  • Maria P Silveira Professor and Head of Department, Department of Paediatrics, Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Goa, India.
Keywords: Case Report, Tetanus, Generalised, Modified Patel & Joag


Tetanus is a vaccine-preventable, life-threatening disease, which is seldom seen in states of India like Goa with good vaccine coverage. We report a 9-year-old, partially immunised male, who presented as a case of generalised tetanus, secondary to a leg wound. The case was graded as severe (> 10) on Modified Patel & Joag criteria. Management was challenging as spasms were difficult to control despite high doses of sedatives. On further research, an alarming falling trend in immunisation coverage was also noted. This case report serves as a reminder that vaccine-preventable diseases may still be seen in today’s world and as well as a guide on grading the severity of tetanus and how to control the spasms effectively.

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Martins GP, Keny R, Joglekar S, Silveira MP. Paediatric Tetanus: Are We Letting the Guard Down?. Postgrad J Pediatr Adol Med. 2022;1(2):33-35.


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