COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy


At the heart of an unparalleled crisis of COVID-19, women in the state of pregnancy are more predisposed to this fatal condition. Pregnancy is a physiological state in which a women’s body enters a state of immunosuppression for the development of the foetus. This variation in the immune system brings a change in the response to viral infections in general, and thus in turn, can cause more serious symptoms of COVID-19. The recent research findings give an indication of the possibility of vertical transmission. It is yet to confirm the number of pregnancies affected and the clinical significance to neonates in pregnancies infected with COVID-19. The vaccination drive which is working in its full force throughout the country is now available for women during the state of pregnancy.

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Chhugani M. COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy. Int J Nurs Midwif Res. 2021;8(2&3):1-2.