The Exposure of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants to COVID-19: A Cross-sectional Study in Libya

  • Faisa Alzunni University of Benghazi, Benghazi, Libya.
  • Seham Shaboun University of Benghazi, Benghazi, Libya.
Keywords: COVID-19, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants, Exposure to COVID-19


Introduction: As per the WHO reports dated July 7, 2021, 184,324,026
confirmed cases of COVID-19 were found in the world and 196,894
cases were found in Libya. Healthcare workers (HCWs), pharmacists, in
particular, have been affected a lot because of COVID-19. Community
pharmacies are considered workplaces with elevated exposure risk to
Method: This study aims to roughly estimate the risk of COVID-19
exposure among pharmacists and pharmacy assistants working in
pharmacies in Libya. An anonymous cross-sectional online survey was
conducted among pharmacists and pharmacy assistants working in
hospital pharmacies and community pharmacies. Between November
11th, 2020 and January 7th, 2021, a Google Form questionnaire was
delivered through social media and instant messaging platforms, to
certified community pharmacists and pharmacy assistants residing
in Libya.
Results: Out of 207 respondents, the majority (72.4%) reported having
at least one or more flu-like symptoms. In addition, 52.17% of them
reported that one of their relatives had at least one or more flu-like
symptoms. The most common symptoms reported by respondents were
headache (46.9%), tiredness (42.5%), fever (31.9%), and loss of smell and
taste sensation (29.0%). The period with the highest number of all the
symptomatic respondents as well as those with symptoms suggestive
of COVID-19 was between August to October 2020. Correspondingly,
108 (52.17%) symptomatic respondents had a relative with symptoms.
Conclusion: The majority of respondents reported having flu-like
symptoms in the period from August to October. Moreover, the highest
cumulative number of people with suggestive COVID-19 symptoms
reported their symptoms in the same period.


How to cite this article:
Alzunni F, Shaboun S. The Exposure of Pharmacists
and Pharmacy Assistants to COVID-19: A Crosssectional
Study in Libya. Epidem Int. 2021;6(3):9-


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