COVID-19 Pandemic and Need of Strong Public Health


With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, the importance of preventive measures and public health has again been proved in addressing the scare of emerging infectious diseases. Public health plays a major role in fight against grave dangers to lives of people such as emerging and remerging diseases. It can be said that in current scenario of globalization with risk of rapid spread of newer infectious agents such as COVID-19, only strong public health measures can avert further transmission of infection and reduce the morbidity and mortality. As COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization with no definitive cure till date, preventive approach seems to be the only viable option to reduce the spread. Containment of infection, mitigation and emergency preparedness are main pillars for control of COVID-19 worldwide. With the ongoing processes of epidemiological and demographic transition, newer thorough understanding of public health principles is required to determine the role of changing climate, environment degradation and social determinants so as to frame innovative interventions for health promotion.

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Kishore J. COVID-19 Pandemic and Need of Strong Public Health. Epidem Int 2020; 5(1): 5-6.





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