Assessment of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Prolonged Motorcycle Riders

  • Siddhi Sawant Krishna College of Physiotherapy, KVV, Deemed to Be University, Karad, Maharashtra, India.
  • Namrata Kadam Department of Paediatrics, Krishna College of Physiotherapy, KVV, Deemed to Be University, Karad Maharashtra, India.
Keywords: Musculoskeletal Pain, Motorcyclists, Delivery, Backpain, Severity


Introduction: The work-related motorcyclist is extremely prone to driving-related issues due to the duration of riding. They travel to several places within the allotted time every day, which is not only exhausting but also leads to several severe health-related issues which may impact their postural formations. The severity of musculoskeletal problems occurring in motorcyclists may lead to lifelong problems for the individual.
Objective: Assessment of musculoskeletal pain, its severity and abnormal posture among prolonged motorcycle riders
Methods: The study was done among delivery occupation motorcyclists working in Karad. All male delivery motorcyclists were included in this study, 25–35 years of age who rode bikes for more than 3 hours per day. A structured assessment was used for assessing the severity of musculoskeletal pain and an altered range of motion seen among the motorcyclists was noted.
Results: The findings of this study revealed that there was a severity of musculoskeletal problems among delivery motorcyclists. The group analysis demonstrated statistically significant impairments in all outcome measures. A structured assessment was conducted in which, VAS (p < 0.0001) and ROM for all the joints (p < 0.0001) were seen to have significant differences.
Conclusion: Musculoskeletal pain is common in motorcyclists. The severity of pain was predominantly higher among the delivery motorcyclists in this study. The most altered range of motion was found in the lumbar and cervical regions, which makes it very evident that lower back pain is higher in delivery motorcyclists.

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Sawant S, Kadam N. Assessment of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Prolonged Motorcycle Riders. Chettinad Health City Med J. 2024;13(1):25-29.



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