Formulation and Evaluation of a Topical Spraybased Foam Containing Aloe Vera and Silver Sulfadiazine to Treat First and Second-degree Skin Burns

  • Pratik Vediya Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, India.
  • Malaykumar Chotaliya Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, India.
  • Abhi Chauhan Research Scholar, School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, India.
Keywords: Foaming Spray, Aloe Vera, Silver Sulfadiazine, Skin Burn Diseases


Introduction: Skin burns of the first and second degrees are frequent
wounds that need quick and efficient care to speed up healing and
avoid complications. For the treatment of severe burns, the goal of
this study was to create a novel topical spray-based foam formulation
incorporating silver sulfadiazine and aloe vera.
Method: The formulation was created to offer improved medication
distribution, increased wound site adhesion, and maximum therapeutic
efficacy. To hasten tissue regeneration and lessen discomfort, aloe
vera, known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing capabilities,
was added to the foam. A broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug called
silver sulfadiazine was also added to stop infection, a frequent side
effect of burn wounds.
Results & Conclusion: To create a stable and user-friendly product, the
foam formulation was created utilising a combination of surfactants,
propellants, and polymers.

How to cite this article:
Vediya P, Chotaliya M, Chauhan A. Formulation
and Evaluation of a Topical Spray-based Foam
Containing Aloe Vera and Silver Sulfadiazine
to Treat First- and Second-degree Skin Burns.
Chettinad Health City Med J. 2023;12(4):58-65.



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