Nano Research - Is it Yet a Dream for Early Career Researchers in the Developing Nations?

Keywords: ECR, Grants, Mentorship


Early career researchers (ECRs) lack a long track record of independent funding or publications, and they typically walk a delicate line between presenting novel, cutting-edge work and being too ambitious. Despite their strong passion and commitment, ECRs fail to personalise as independent researchers due to a variety of factors such as a lack of expertise as mentors at the host institute, a low probability of being trained in cutting-edge laboratories, hidden assessment measures used in awarding research grants, and insufficient or no funding aids from funding resources. Regardless of the enormous hurdles that ECRs encounter, outstanding research should be sustained until the work is acknowledged.

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Vinodhini C, Selvasudha N. Nano Research - Is it Yet a Dream for Early Career Researchers in the Developing Nations? Chettinad Health City Med J. 2022;54(1):38-40.



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