Stroke In Young, Hyperhomocysteine and Associated With COVID-19 Illness- A Case Report

  • Sagar Gupta DNB Medicine, Fellowship in Critical care medicine, Consultant Physician & Intensivist, Department of Medicine Dr Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
Keywords: Stroke in Young, SARS IGG Antibody, Post COVID-19 Sequel, Hyperhomocysteine, Post COVID Thrombotic Complications


As COVID-19 patients are at high risk of thrombotic complications this makes physician aware of close monitoring of both neurological status and cardiovascular status. Along with involvement of respiratory system, pathological process carries both inflammation and hyper coagulopathy both simultaneously. Homocystein as high risk predictor of stroke in young which is unmasked due to hypercoaguable state of COVID-19.

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Gupta S. Stroke In Young, Hyperhomocystine and Associated With COVID-19 Illness- A Case Report. J Adv Res Med 2020; 7(4): 20-23.



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