COVID-19 and Mental Health


The infection caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) started from China and reached the whole world and was declared as pandemic by WHO. The COVID 19 poses challenges in all aspects of life including mental health for the entire human race. In the disturbed and crisis situation, the mental health care of people at different levels carries great importance: promotion, prevention and clinical care. First of all, we should not refer “COVID-19 case,†“victim,†“COVID-19 family,†but “person who have COVID-19,†“people who are being treated for COVID-19â€, etc. Social distancing is a public health strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19. There may be a feeling of ostracism, abandonment and being neglected in people, particularly the elderly when they are isolated. Older adults, especially in isolation and those with cognitive decline or dementia, may become more anxious, angry, stressed, agitated, and withdrawn during the outbreak or while in quarantine. These people need emotional support through informal networks (families) and health professionals. Maintaining social networks in situations of isolations is essential for mental health. The treating physician should ensure basic emotional and practical support to affected people. Children need special attention to express their fear and sadness.

Media has highlighted COVID-19 as a unique threat, rather than one of many, which has added to panic, stress, and the potential for hysteria. Information should be sought from WHO website and government health authorities’ platforms, in order to distinguish facts from rumours. Individuals with mental illness may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of widespread panic and threat. Instead of harassment, people with COVID 19 should be offer compassion, support via phone and texts, and assistance as appropriate, but never hostility or judgment.

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